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    Adobe For Android


      It was a lot of "consumed time" in order to get to this forum when I used to be able to get my questions answered directly via "Send Email" to the developer. And having to check this form is an inconvenience for me because it consume more time than I have to give to get my answer!!!!


      Now to my question: The most recent update to Adobe for Android has a new PERMISSION REQUIREMENT of "IDENTITY"!! Why do you need this permission? It is privacy invasive! What are you going to do with this PERMISSION? What information are you going to track about those who use this new version?


      If I choose not to upgrade, will the Adobe Reader still work?




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          jane bs99411149


          I had same question as you?  Supposedly this permission allows you to login to all Adobe accounts at once, which is of no interest to me: here's my response back to them:. And I agree with your frustration in just having to use this forum!


          You having my identity Information, just so I can sign in more easily to all your apps at once is not of importance to me.  I just don't see the advantage.  Since others have asked the same question, I have to guess this is not of importance to others.  However, if you have had this request by users, then I can see why you added it; if not, then please drop this Permission requirement, as it is just another invasion of privacy.  Please let me know your decision.