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    Can't Get InDesign Bullets & Character Styles to Display Through XML


      I've created some text on an InDesign document which I want to display as a list using XML.

      for example:

           This is my list of items to display

          • Part 1
          • Part 2
          • Part 3
          • Part 4



      I have the text listed using bullets through a style I've created myself.

      I tagged the text & mapped it to the new character style & then exported it to XML.

      It creates all the text for me but won't display it as a list.

      I'm pretty good with InDesign but only just started to learn XML & find it so confusing.


      Also on standard paragraphs of text which I've typed in, I've applied my new character & paragraph styles, tagged the text & exported to XML, but again the styles aren't coming through.


      Please can somebody advise if this is a setting in InDesign that I need to change, or is it something else?



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