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    People Tags are not embedded to the file


      Frist off, if there is a better forum for this question please let me know.  I was looking for a Adobe Organizer specific forum, but didn't find one.


      Also I am a new Adobe user, so please forgive my ignorance, but I can't find any documentation that covers this question.


      I recently began using Adobe Organizer to tag people in my photos and scans.  I sent a few group shots to a friend and told them that all the people were tagged so the would know who is who in the photo.  However, they were unable to see the people tags after I'd sent them the scan. Looking at the JPEG properties, I see that Keyword Tags I've added are stored in the file, but People Tags are not.


      Can anyone provide technical details (or documentation) as to where people tags are stored and whether there a way to force them to be stored in the file as Keyword Tags are stored in the file?