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    Resetting HierarchicalData AdvancedDataGrid dataProvider causes children to be invisible

    ericbelair Level 1
      I have an AdvancedDataGrid (ADG) setup as a child of a ViewStack. The dataProvider is a HierarchicalData collection that is set dynamically based on the report that the user selected from a list.

      The first time I setup the HierarchicalData, all of the data is displayed correctly. However, when I reset the collection (when the user selects the same report at a later time), although all of the data is there, not all of it is displayed in the ADG. There is a node that is able to be opened, and when I open it, I can verify that the data is there. But, the data under that node is not displayed.

      Any thoughts on what is causing this, or what workarounds I can put in place?