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    Problem selecting layers

    Doc_Pit Level 1

      I've been working on a file.  I have suddenly lost the ability to select individual layers in that file; i.e., selecting a layer does not highlight the layer.  I can toggle the visibility of the layer; however,  alt+click will not hide all other layers.  I can not activate a mask on a layer.  Strangely, I can click on a layer, then shift+click on some other layer in the stack to select (and highlight) a group of layers.  If I duplicate that group into a new document, all operations are normal (highlight a single layer, move from image to mask, alt+click, etc.).  So, it's something to do with that particular file. No layers are locked.  No auto select.


      I can easily work around by just duplicating all layers into a new document.  Then, everything is back to normal.  But I would like to know what might be causing the problem just to further my understanding.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.