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    precomp looks fine, but the main comp and render look wrong

    mindyg94130165 Level 1

      Hello AE forum!


      I'm stumped! Has anyone else seen this before? My precomp looks fine, but the main comp and render look wrong...

      Rendered Frame

      Main Comp

      PreComped Character


      My process:  In the precomp, I've tracked a CineForm.mov file (from Character Animator via AME) & attached a null.  This null is a parent of 2 children (arms).  In my Precomp view it is located in the correct place on the character body, but in the main comp and render of the main comp, the arms are offset from where they should be.  I'm hoping I just pushed the wrong checkbox or something glaringly obvious to anyone but me...Any suggestions or thoughts? 


      Windows 10, AE 2017, 1920x1080, 30 fps

      I tried clearing the cache & temp files, rebooting, collapsing and rasterizing that comp and layers, googling the issue, and now this forum question...

      It's just one precomp acting up, my other 6 minutes of characters were created the same way and are moving appropriately.