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    Desaturate an image in an HTML5 canvas animation made with Animate CC




      My problem is as is described on the topic. I am new to Animate CC and JS. I've used several editions of Flash and done some CSS work, but just really basic styling stuff. Still, I'm sure there ought to be a straightforward way of doing what I wish to accomplish.


      Which, again, is simply desaturate an image to the point of being grayscale in an animation and have that animation exported as HTML/JS/CSS and have the desired effect function with as much browser compatibility as possible.


      I have found a filter, with which I can produce the desired effect in a tween, but it doesn't work after publishing my work as HTML/JS/CSS.


      It would be great to find an archive of filters, tweening effects and actionscript that will work after exporting work from AnCC to HTML/JS/CSS. And I'm talking about a simple list, not about how EaselJS (I think it's called) works or anything like that, just "If you do this, it will work, if this, it will work, if this, it won't". For example: doing a tween with "Classic tween", the "Alpha" property seems to work perfectly when exported to HTML/CSS/JS. However, for example, the "Tint" property does not. How can I know which Animate CC effects/options/applications will work and which won't?


      Thank you!


      - Jaakko Pöntinen, Finland