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    Lightroom does not apply 'Original' aspect ratio on import with default settings


      So someone at Canon decided that all shots made in live view should be cropped to 16:9. Maybe there's some sense in this, not for me anyway. I always change crop setting from 'As Shot' to 'Original' to get those parts on the sides. I was doing that manually for a while but then when my wife started using my camera and take a lot of pics in Live View it became tedious so I searched for an automated solution. There was one readily available - select Original , then alt-click Reset button to update default settings. That seemed cool.


      However next time I imported photos the setting was not applied. I had to click Reset. This still beats selecting it manually for each and every one, but I have to remember doing that right after import otherwise I may be reverting some edits. Is there a way to make sure 'Original' is applied at import automatically? I searched the web but there doesn't seem to be an answer - or I can't just make a proper query for my question.


      I'm using Lightroom CC 2015.10.1 for Mac.