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    After Effects/Premiere not importing image sequence properly.


      Hi folks!


      So I'm having an issue with Premiere and After Effects actually.

      I'm trying to make a timelapse video and I know when you go to import the images, you click the first one in the list and then click image sequence and then it should import as a video. But the past few weeks, I haven't been able to do that in Premiere and After Effects for some reason. My first image in the sequence is called "church (1)" and then the second image is called "church (2)" and so on until "church (130). So the name of the files aren't an issue. I used to be able to do timelapse but both programs just suddenly stopped. All I get now when I import them is "church ([1-130]).CR2" or "church ([1-130]).jpg" (I tried both raw and jpeg).


      Any idea what's going on?