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    Practically Everything in right panel acting erratically.


      There are so many things going wrong on the right panel it is difficult to describe. I can click on the adjustment brush and click it a second time and the cursor locks to the zoom symbol. Then if I click on the Zoom Area Selection tool it will track, but when I attempt to select an area the work area zooms instead. I will not zoom to an area for sharpening. I need to reboot to get things working again. If I choose to select a zoom area, the cursor shows a "+" and will lock the zoom, but then the cursor changes to a Hue Adjustment symbol. Each time Lightroom "flakes out" I have to restart Lightroom. I can't get any work done.


      This makes two really bad updates in a row. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Lightroom, but is has not helped. The quality control I've seen in the last two release is extremely disappointing.


      Just for reference, I am running this on MacOS.