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    How to turn off greyed out 'Go back on roll off' button?

    lukef98631797 Level 1

      I need to turn off the go back on roll off button in the digital publishing section of indesign cc 2017. It's permanently greyed out and ticked, Ive noticed on all my colleagues computers its greyed out too but with the box 'unticked'. This is frustrating and won't let me get buttons to work. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong or know how to fix?

      Thank you!!

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          srishtib8795206 Adobe Employee

          Hi lukef,


          I if I get your query correctly, go back action is checked and grayed out?


          Button issues are generally file specific ,In order to solve this we need some details like:


          Operating System(exact version of Windows or MAC)

          Exact version on InDesign

          Screenshot of grayed out button.

          Kind of object where you have created button(Example is it a picture or a video)

          To which format you will be exporting the InDesign file


          And We might require file to be checked at our end, so would you mind sharing the file ?





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            amaarora Adobe Employee


            You can specify multiple events to start the animation..If you select the On Roll Over (Self) event, you can also select Reverse On Roll Off (this button is grayed?). This option reverses the action of the animation when the mouse moves off the object.

            Hence when you have selected the event "On Roll Over" your option of Reverse on roll off should not be grayed...

            I hope this is the thing you were mentioning about...

            Let us know if there is something else you need help with