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    Slow computer after LR6 upgrade to .10


      Today, after installing LR 6.10 I started getting low memory warnings and "turn off Lightroom". A few tests later I determined that Lightroom is the cause of all my troubles.

      Even with LR minimised the "C" drive was still running at 100% and memory usage was around 85%.

      LR was locking up 3.3GB of memory. I have 8GB ram and this has never caused a problem.

      Switching LR off reduced disk usage to 4% and memory to 35%. Switching LR back on caused 100% disk and higher memory usage.

      I repeated this sequence a number of times with the same result each time.

      A second reboot after the upgrade saw the memory usage drop but the HDD usage stayed at 100%.

      1) Why is this happening?

      2) Can I migrate Lightroom to a different hard drive on my computer?

      3) How can I reduce the resources that LR seems to require even when not in use?


      I am running the latest upgrade of Windows 10.