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    oscontrol popup menu

      Hello All,

      I have recentley discovered a problem with the oscontrol xtras popupmenu. I have found after populating the list with more than 256 items you are unable to select any past the 256th!!

      Does anyone know about this, is there a fix? I'm in trouble here as i've used this xtra within database programs i have wrote, when the database starts filling up this dropdowns going to be useless!!

      Please help


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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          The Apple Human Interface guidelines strongly recommend against using a popup menu to display more than 256 items. If you need to display that many items, it is better to use a scrolling list, a treeview or a hierarchical menu. The OSControl Xtra provides an OSmenu member which you can use to create up to four hierarchical levels. With as few as 16 items per level, you can display over 65,000 items.

          Tabuleiro provides a TreeView Xtra.

          You can create a scrolling list with multiple selections, using the technique shown here.

          If you really do want to show more than 256 items using the OSControl popupMenu, contact me privately.
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            1210s Level 1
            Thanks James, I ve sent you a private email.