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    SLI 970 GTX question

    Chris Doom

      Z170 Deluxe

      i7 6700 @ 4.0

      32GB DDR 4 @1466 MHz dual (28 allocated to Adobe)

      Dual GTX 970

      Samsung EVO 960 M.2 SSD 512 with sata HDD storage

      four monitors (3@one reso, one @different reso)


      I am working on identifying bottlenecks and issues with my machine as I am having persistent problems with Basic 3D in PP CC. It's messed up in previews and is cropped in render. Tried turning off CUDA and distance to target in Basic 3D as well as paused reso to no avail. I am unable to currently run the GPUs in SLI because of the config of my monitors and was looking to use Nvidia's Gsync to try a workaround. I am also going to overclock the GPU's as well. Among the myriad of other things to try which I don't need to get into here my question is this: Which card does PP primarily use for rendering (card #1 or #2?) and will getting SLI to work be of any benefit to me? As for the which card question my thought process is that with four monitors I can plug the majority into either card but i don't know if that will even help or make a difference.