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    Image sequences freezing on play in html5?


      I'm trying to build a site with after effects and premiere, I rendered out an image sequence of about 100 images, which together total only 10mb, but when I add them to the timeline in html5 canvas, and then hit play, the program freezes and it takes like 5 minutes to finally load and then its really choppy. Is html5 canvas not capable of building an interactive website with image sequences?
      In an as3 project it runs fine, but when I also tried converting it to html5 instead of starting a new html5 project, the same thing happens. It also happens even with all the images scaled down to only 2mb total!


      Is this a limitation and known problem? And if so, what is the typical way to go about creating a site that has buttons which control image sequences (or short video clips, since the video component in html5 canvas has the same problem) ?

      CSS / JAVA in another program?