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    Conduit for Flash Pixel Bender

    Pauli Ojala
      Hello all,
      I'm very happy to announce a new tool for creating Pixel Bender shaders!

      Conduit for Flash Pixel Bender offers a fully visual node-based user interface that allows Flash developers and designers to create Pixel Bender shaders without writing a single line of code. Please check it out:

      Conduit for Flash Pixel Bender product page

      The application is based on the Conduit Suite, a cross-platform compositing toolkit that works as plugins in popular pro video apps like After Effects and Final Cut Pro. All Conduit versions are compatible, so you can easily share effects between platforms and applications.

      Conduit for Flash Pixel Bender exports Flash-ready Pixel Bender bytecode (.PBJ) files self-sufficiently, i.e. you don't need to have Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit or the Flex SDK installed.

      We're currently in beta testing. If you'd like to participate in the beta, you can preorder the software now and get download access to beta versions as they are released. Preorder price is 50 euros (the final release will cost more - I haven't quite decided the price point yet).

      Unfortunately the current beta release is Mac OS X only. The Windows version will be available later this month. (Sorry to keep Windows users waiting, but I'm just one developer and had to focus for now...)

      If you'd like be notified when the Windows version becomes available, or indeed for any other questions that may arise, please drop me an email: pauli (at) lacquer (dot) fi.