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    Lightroom 2015.10.1 can't import from SD card


      I have always been able to use Lightroom to import direct from an SD card inserted into a USB-attached SD card reader on my windows PC.

      Imported thousands of images this way, from a variety of SD cards and different camera RAW/JPEG formats.

      Since the update to 2015.10.1, I can't get Lightroom to import from the SD card directly. It does import the images if I copy them manually to a local hard drive.

      However, when I attempt to import from the SD card, Lightroom shows me the thumbnails of all the pics I want to import (as usual), but when I click import to copy & import, the import never finishes - it shows complete in the "Copy and import photos" progress bar (top left), but remains showing "Importing files..." in the central window and doesn't display any imports. It does copy the files and create target directories, etc - however the copied files have something wrong with them, because they cannot be opened by any other application (e.g. CameraRaw, other photo editing apps) while the originals can all be opened.


      Anyone else seen this problem?