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    Limit of number of machines allowed per ID Reached

    afrimm3415432 Level 1


      I am trying to authorize my computer with my account and password, but I keep getting this message:


      An Error Has Been Detected

      Limit of number of machines allowed per ID Reached

      code: E_ACT_TOO_MANY-ACTIVATIONS http://adeactivate.adobe.com/adept/Activate 710:10000:10000



      This computer cannot be authorized with your ID because you have reached the limit number of computers and/or devices that can be authorized with the same ID.

      Any help would be really appreciated.

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          laurmac Level 1

          Limit of number of machine allowed per id reached.

          is no one answering this question??  how do you get in touch with an agent to reset the number of machines allowed per id reached???  HELP!!!!!  THIS question is so old going back years with no answers??


          my email is lbousada@rogers.com I have no other problems with digital editions and had my kobo and computer perfectly set up using adobe digital editions then my kobo broke and when I went to authorize it, I got the message that I had reached my limit of machines allowed.  How can this be?  Why is there no one to call and have this reset?  People have been asking this question for years on here and there does not seem to be any answers.  When you go to support it brings you around and around in circles back to basically asking in a forum where the answer is to have an agent or chat with an agent to reset your id, meanwhile that chat and agent seem to be completely elusive.  Is no one here to help?  Is this an impossible question????  Please help reset my id.