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    Using  thisComp.layer


      I am fairly new to After Effects (Using CS6), and using a template I purchased to learn more, and also to try and customise to what I would like it to do.


      One item that I have discoveed is the ability to take text from another layer, using (as an example) thisComp.layer("INFO TEXT").text.sourceText, which allows me to enter a name once, and have it used in multiple other compositions. in this case, a football team name gets used in many other places.


      owever, to take it further, and want to take different lines fro a list. to bring this to life -

      I get a football team in an excel form, and can copy into the same line of text, just multiple lines. But what I would like to do is then take line 1 into different lines (so line 1 is goalkeepr going into 1 'lione' then next defender onto another line etc .


      Is this possible?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Yes, it's possible, but this goes way beyond simplistic linking of layer properties. You have to do actual string processing in the expression. Depending on how much info you have, you wouldn't even use a text layer to begin with and just paste the information directly into the expression.