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    Macbook Pro or Windows Laptop


      probably a loaded question but...


      Looking to setup Laptop with Premiere Pro and After Effects, etc.  Currently work is also re-evaluating the MacPro trash can and converting over to a Windows workstation as well.


      That said, I personally have one of the mid 2009 Macbook Pro 17", I love it, but it can not handle Premiere Pro 2017, I am currently running 2014 software and until I get a newer laptop do not plan to upgrade software.  My office is running 2017.


      I like the real estate of a 17" monitor one reason I'm looking to Windows, also looking to faster renders etc.  I despise the bouncing beach ball, and long renders that could be faster.


      Pros and Cons of either system?  not looking to break the bank, but can spend money on the right set up.


      Thanks in advance for any info :-)