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    Adobe Stock Cancellation


      Dear Adobe,


      3 months ago, I decided to trial Adobe Stock. They lured me in with the '10 free photos' thing and promised to email me to remind me that my trial would be over. Today, I looked at my bank statement and discovered a mysterious charge of £23.99 (around 30 dollars). So, I logged into my account and discovered that GBP 71.97 would be withdrawn. Needless to say, I was absolutely horrified. I only used 5 photos out of 10. Five. And I have been charged GBP 95.96. Furthermore, when I tried to cancel, it asked for another GBP 95.96.


      So, I went to their chat, and this is the conversation I got. Case number: 0222133590





      Your subscription is for Annual Commitment / Monthly Billing



      Since you agreed to be in a commitment, if you cancel the subscription within the commitment period, there is an Early Termination Fee which amounts to 50% of the remaining months.I would suggest you complete the tenure and to help you continue with the subscription, I can provide you with an exclusive offer where we will add one month free to your account and you won't be charged for the next month, which will reduce your expenses. You can continue using the subscription.



      With your permission, can I go ahead and apply this offer on your account?



      No, you cannot.



      I do not see how that reduces expenses in any way.



      We'd hate to see you go and as a valuable customer we would like to extend the same offer to two months. This means that Adobe will not charge you for the next two months.



      That still does not reduce my expenses in any way. I was planning to subscribe to Lightroom CC as part of my ongoing project. However, if you do not cancel this subscription, I will look to other means.



      I would like to inform that ligtroom cc is not available as single subscription  .



      Ok. I will ask directly. Are you able to waive the cancellation fee or not? If you cannot, then we will have to terminate this conversation, as it is wasting my time.



      But one question. If you apply the free two months to my account, then does my cancellation fee change?



      I would like to inform that if you go with 2 month offer you will not be charge for next two will free .



      Ok, add the 2 months then. It will give me more time to work towards a solution.



      If you go with two months offer you have remaining 6 months






      With your permission, can I go ahead and apply this offer on your account?






      Great, thanks allow me few minutes please while I work on your account.





      Please be online



      I've applied two months free on your account and your next billing date is 13 August 2017 ,your next renewal date is13 Feb 2018, you can cancel between  14 Jan 2018 to 12 Feb 2018 .    This your case number 0222133590





      We appreciate your patience and apologize for the wait.



      Please go through the terms and condition of the adobe policy on www.adobe.com/legal/subscription-terms.html.





      Is there anything else I can help you with?



      Excuse me, I can cancel now, can I not?



      I am sorry you cannot cancel now .



      I asked you a direct question, and you did not negate it.



      Please reverse the offer now, or I will obtain a copy of this conversation and report you for misconduct.


      I believe the 'correspondent' was named Meram. Let me explain. He offered me the 2 months free offer, which I had seen. I decided to take it to give me more time to sort out this issue. Prior to accepting the offer, I asked him, quite clearly "But one question. If you apply the free two months to my account, then does my cancellation fee change?". And he didn't answer. Then, when the transaction was done, he said I couldn't cancel until January 2018! Which means 143.94 GBP would be withdrawn from now until then. I couldn't believe it. He knew thay I had no need of this subscription and be still went ahead with the offer. That is greediness, not "customer support".
      Then, I tried to cancel anyway. Had pretty much enough of Adobe. I accepted that I had been robbed and couldn't focus any more energy trying to resolve this because of upcoming exams. Well, the cancellation worked (with 95.96 charge). Now, I am wondering, if that is going to be reversed because of what that correspondent said in the charge. How can I receive confirmation that I'm done with this issue and will have no more to do with Adobe?
      Is there any way in which I can get my money back? I can accept the £79.97 charge, but I have never had to pay £100 for a cancellation? Please, can the cancellation to be refunded at least as recompense for that horribly stressful and dishonest experience I got from your customer support? Furthermore, I simply can't afford to go out and work right now because of exams, and things in the U.K are expensive. I'm just a student, who admittedly made a mistake. But as you can kind of tell by my tone, the situation is a bit desperate.