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    Collecting, merging and sorting data from non-form PDFs




      I'm a new Acrobat user and this week I went through a couple of training courses on Lynda (plus several Adobe videos) in hopes of finding a straightforward method for what I need to accomplish. But so far, no luck...


      Here's my dilemma: My retail chain customers send me purchase orders via PDFs. Each one-page file has release information for a particular store in their chain and a single order often includes over 100 PDFs. Each PDF could have from one to 10 item/quantity listings (all stores do not receive the same items or quantities).


      The pertinent data I need is the combined totals for each item type (just for tracking purposes). I'd like to export directly to Excel files that I already use for tracking but from what I've read, this can be pretty complex to arrange (if you are not a programmer). Any spreadsheet that summarizes item/quantity would help me get the job done- I can easily transfer the totals manually.


      One possibility I looked for was a way to design an "Export Template" where I could specify data fields to merge, based on all possible item types in a stack of PDFs. I couldn't find any method for this. I tried exporting to Excel but it makes a big mess by including all information on a page.


      If anyone can offer me some guidance on how I could address my need, I'd sincerely appreciate it!


      Thank you!