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    Email Verification Won't Send


      Hello, my name is Tyler and I am a student in the IT/DC academy and have been using Adobe applications such as Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, and Audition for nearly a year on school computers and recently my own. In that I mean that I have recently bought the full Creative Cloud under my email and everything worked successfully and I have been using it just fine for about a month or two. However, before I bought it on my own computer, I downloaded the trial version under my father's email on his computer. Currently, I am on vacation with only my father's computer on hand and have a school project that I have to work on. However, when I try to use Creative Cloud or any other Adobe applications quite an odd problem takes place. Creative Cloud automatically brings up the Verify Your Email page regardless of what application I attempt to open. So I figured I would verify said email and then log out of his account and log into mine. However, a verification email was never sent and clicking the resend verification email still doesn't send it (and I have waited a few days so I am pretty sure at this point it just isn't working. So I still can not get off the Verify Your Email page and so I can't log in to my dad's account, log out of it, and then log in to mine.


      I tried uninstalling the program a few times but it has a lot of background applications opened, I attempted to end all of them but when I went to press the uninstall button it would still say something would be opened and not let me uninstall it. After trying to fix it for a few days and then looking for a solution on the forums for a little while I still couldn't find a solution or fix it. I tried to reinstall the program without uninstalling the one I already had but once it was installed the same Verify Your Email page just came up again. So I figured to just make a forum post about it to see if someone knows a solution.


      So, to recap really quick while leaving out unneeded information,  after downloading the trial version of creative cloud the trial eventually ran out and an email was to be sent to verify the account but it never was sent and will not be resent for some reason. Because of this I can not access creative cloud or any other adobe application and so I can not do what I need to do.


      If anyone has an answer to this problem please either comment or PM me . I'm sorry if it's an easy fix and I'm just not seeing it.


      Thank you,