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    Lightroom 6 "not responding"  freezes

    Frank Wm Patout Level 1

      I have Lightroom 6.10.1  on windows 10 with AMD Radeon HD7570 with latest Lightroom updates.  I have an excess amount of memory. Whenever I do 2, or up to 5 action such as develop back to library Lightroom freezes and gives notice "not responding"  I signed out out of Adobe and back in on this computer as it was upgraded from an HP Pavilion HPE where I had the same problem.  This has be going on for about a year. I have to resort back to LR 5 to get anything done.  Does anybody have any ideas how to fix this?  Frank Patout  [Removed by moderator. Please do not include email addresses or phones numbers to prevent fraud and spam.]