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    Is it possible to link a topic from another help file?

      I apologized if topic has been discussed/answered. I was wondering if it is possible to link a topic from another help file? So, basically my client has a help file .chm that was created by someone else. I am brought in to create another help file. so, basically for the help file that i'm creating a topic call vacation hours but this topic is already in the previous help file instead of including that in the new help file can i create some see also link to this topic in the previous help file and the topic vacation hours from the previous help file display once someone click on the link. please let me if this possible and how i can do this.

      thank in advance
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          Pete Lees Level 2
          Hi, Bob, and welcome,

          Yes, you can create links from one .chm file to another. The HTML syntax is as follows:

          <a href="TargetHelpFile.chm::/path_to/TargetTopic.htm">Link text</a>

          For example:

          <a href="htmlhelp.chm::/topics/chmweb.htm">Click here for more information</a>

          To ensure that you're specifying exactly the right path information to the target topic:

          1) Open the target help file.

          2) Display the required topic.

          3) Right-click it and then, on the context menu, select Properties.

          In the resulting properties dialog box, you can copy the path information out of the Address field and abbreviate it appropriately (you need the name of the target .chm file and everything that follows it).

          For this type of link to work, the target help file must be in the same folder as your source help file or in the Windows Help folder, or it must be registered under the following key in the Windows registry:

          HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\HTML Help

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            I have both a training project and and online help project on our company intranet. I link the various topics both directions, merely by adding a hyperlink to the address location of the topic. This doesn't require actually typing in any syntax information - and allows for the various options of opening in the same or different window.