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    greyed out: filter- render - tree


      hello, does anyone know why my tree option in filter_render is greyed out?

      can not select, as well as the flame and frame.

      Thank you!

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          Try Filter>Render>Lighting Effects and then try the other Render Filters: Tree, Frame and Flame.


          Chances are though your graphics card id not quite up to the photoshop gpu requirements.

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            Check two things.  Preferences Performance make sure your GPU is enabled and your Image edit mode is normal not index color or bitmap  etc.

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              Lengo67 Level 1

              Greyed out? My render/tree isn't even seen! I can't even render/lighting effects. Why? Worked in 2017 version. Now stopped working.


              Also, you have $480 of my money. Why should I keep my account with you? Everytime a new release is issued, we get new features and old features break. Nearly. Every. Time.


              I am using PS 2018 version.


              My rig:
              Win 7 64 bit with all recent updates.

              16 Gb memory

              AMD FX-6300 Vishera 6-Core 3.5 GHz Socket AM3+ w up to date drivers

              Graphics card is Geforce GTX 650 Ti w 2 gb memory

              Allowed temp space on disk is ample - topped out - i have scratch disk galore!


              I cannot use render/lighting effects either - greyed out. Used to work on 2017 version. 2017 version failed to keep favorite fonts and font previews. render/lighting effects worked in 2017 release. Doesn't work now with 2018 version. Can't go back to 2017 version because of font issues.


              Other problem: Can't record actions. Action records select tool, but tool action is not being recorded. I talked to two techs. The last said he'd elevate the problem (he couldn't get it to record a healing brush or a brush or any brush of any kind). So he elevated it and said I'd get a phone call. I ahve not gotten that call and it's been 10 days.


              Bottom line: I'm not getting what I paid for and you've been paid plenty ($480+ already)


              These features now broken:
              render/lighting effects is greyed out on a jpg image or saved psd file, newly opened, no other work done to file. 

              actions cannot record tool operations. (this is BIG problem)

              render/trees is not even shown!
              Select subject only works ONCE in any opened file.
              Color picked up with picker is slighty off at any level of averaging and even single point.


              And I do not want to hear, all these problems must be separated. YOU separate them. I do not work for you. You have my complaints, now address them. If you want them separated, seperate them yourself. 

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                JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                It woul be helpful if you would post you Photoshop System information so we could address you problems one at a time.  Screen captures would also be helpful.  All the you do in Photoshop are not record able in Actions.  The Action recorder one reset select Tool for some tools.  You can select all tools using Photoshop scripting. So you could write a script to select tool X and use the script in an action to select tool x. I do not find that these feature you write are broken are broken. Please provide more information about your Problems.

                Supply pertinent information for quicker answers

                • The more information you supply about your situation, the better equipped other community members will be to answer. Consider including the following in your question:
                • Adobe product and version number
                • Operating system and version number
                • The full text of any error message(s)
                • What you were doing when the problem occurred
                • Screenshots of the problem
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                  Lengo67 Level 1

                  Re: Check preferences settings. I did that.  I double checked it. Graphics processor is checked.


                  No, it's not my rig that's slowing me down. It's this connection to the  net for 3 fonts I have access to, including acumin variable concept as shown in the tutorial video (on youtube, there is start times for the new features, but not on the New Features page). And that new features pages starts with the video, and then you see the short descriptions. This is upside down. Show the descriptions then the LINK ONLY to that video, because that page doesn't say you can get quickly to any one subject by using the start times links!


                  Another oversight of Adobe!


                  Bottom line: Photoshop is now more unstable than it was in the 2017 version. It is the ONLY software that I use that is unstable! I edit sound files. I use  Open Office. And get this: I have a program from Cerious software and it can display thumbnails of psd files while Photoshop cannot! How lame is that?


                  Fer Pete's sake, all I want is stability. Get that happening and I'll be happy. Until then I'll be a thorn in Adobe's side. I've given them $500 of my money and don't have it yet. 


                  Hell. Even these forums have my cursor moving back to the previous paragraph if I sit and wait too long.


                  Adobe needs a better act! Actions sometimes don't work, then they do. Features get moved. Favorite font list is very slow to load, and I do not have an abundance of fonts. The brush smoothing stops and to get it to work again I have to make a cold start.


                  Another problem: My Huion Pro 610 graphics tablet doesn't act like the mouse and give me full density of color, even though the flow is set to maximum and the opacity is set to 100% too.


                  Where's the control of brush angle? GONE. This is needed and is EXPECTED. Adobe takes this away when I often use it? It's a feature I like and NEED when a brush is a stamp brush. How stupid to remove this! 

                  I'd like to see a control of radius for scatter. Where is this. But MOST of all, I WANT STABILITY! Photoshop does not have this feature!

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                    Lengo67 Level 1

                    Re: Answered.


                    Filter>Render>Lighting Effects??

                    This is where the trees are? What does lighting effects have to do with stamping trees? But yes, this is now working. Why? Hell, I dunno. There is no real explanation. I'll bet that it will disappear on me when I want it, and then will have to save my work, and then close down and do a cold start again.


                    Now try this; Edit/Fill-> trees. Gone.


                    Try this: Edit/Fill->pattern (brick). Wow. My screen went blank. No wait. It's there. It's over on the bottom left corner and I can see the upper right corner of this 1620x1080 layer. I can't get to it. I cannot work on it. So I save the file, and close the open one, then load the saved, and bingo. There it is. WHY MUST I GO THROUGH THESE STEPS?


                    Try it. Does it work for you? If so, please tell me your system specs, your operating system, and your version numbers of all things (if it works).

                    Perhaps I should blame my graphics card. Perhaps I should blame my processor. Perhaps I should blame my lucky stars.


                    No. I blame ADOBE for not thoroughly testing their software. I don't own it. I only rent it. I never will own it,and will always have to have an open connection to the internet while working so that they can see that I have a licensed copy and so that they can push my (free) fonts to me and make sure I don't abuse them (or whatever that connection is open for).


                    Harumph! I want stability now. And after that happens, I will not download any new updates!

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                      JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                      Adobe like Microsoft changes where features are locates in different versions of the software.  You did not state what Software versions you are using.   Photoshop filters are not always available for use. For example  render trees would not always be available.  The Filter may require a supported GPU and a Pixels layer targeted not a shape layer or text layer or an adjustment layer.  Render lighting Effects Supports 8bit color not 16bit or 32bit color. Tress are located  In Filter Render In Photoshop  CC it is not a feature in CS6


                      CS6 Does not has some Pattern fills but not tree and frame.