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    WebHelp's search functionality not working properly

    TabbyW Level 1
      Hi...I can really use some help!!

      I used RH7 to generate WebHelp. In the WebHelp, I click the Search button, enter a term in the search box; then click Go. I receive a listing of the topics in which my term appears. So far, all is fine.

      However, when I click a topic to see where my highlighted terms appear, I'm getting a weird browser error in IE and Firefox stating that the WebHelp cannot find the topic. In Safari, I don't receive an error, but the browser just does not go anywhere at all. How can this be? The WebHelp came up with the topics!!

      Here's an example of the error msg in IE: "Cannot find file ///C:/AP%Doc%Projects/Photo%Tools/Photog%Manager%User. Make sure the path is correct."

      Here's an example of the error message in Firefox: "File not found. Firefox can't find the file at /C:/AP Doc Projects/Photo Tools/Photog Manager User. Make sure the path or Internet address is correct."

      In both cases, the directory path it provides me with is 2 levels UP...the main project file directory to be exact. How did this happen? Why is the WebHelp search function pointing to my main project directory? I've already checked the single-source directory, and it is pointing to the correct, WebHelp directory.

      Please...can someone help??


      Tabby W.