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    Lightroom white balance tint adjust limitation (underwater photo)




      Does anyone know how to increase white balance tint (greed/red) adjust limitation? I'm currently processing several underwater RAW photos shooting on Olympus TG4 without any light equipment, expected underwater has less red light and more green or blue color, when I try to adjust white balance, tint is already reach max 150 but still looks greenish ... same raw photo can be adjusted to close to actual object color in Olympus software so I believe the raw image has that capability to do that also in Lightroom, which just need to increase ting adjust range.


      The reason why I use Lightroom instead of Olympus software is Olympus software is very slow and unstable, and I knew if red gain is too high will cause serious noise, but for sharing to friends is still acceptable with resized image, and it would be better to share colorful image instead of bad white balance greenish photo.