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    Time Lapse




      I have Lightroom 6 and love it. I do a lot of time lapse videos. I think the most images I've used in one video is 1300 or so.


      Anywho, I recently upgraded my camera from a Canon Rebel t2i to a Rebel t6i. The t2i is rated for 18 MP and the t6i is rated for about 24. This means the images are larger, obviously. When I try to make time lapse videos using RAW images on the new camera, I first have to resize them to 5000x3333 pixels, then I can create the video from there. I usually crop them to 16x9 so it'll play in HD better. If I do this to the full size RAW images, the final video is all grabled, i.e. the bottom right corner of the image is in the top right, the bottom left corner is in the top right, and the top half of the image is on the bottom.


      Is there something I can do to fix this instead of resizing the images first?