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    Flash not starting up. Help Appreciated.

      I have installed Flash CS3 on my new Windows Vista PC.

      The installer installed perfectly, the only reason it stopped is when it asked me to close Firefox. The rest of the installation was ok. The installation finished and I restarted successfully.

      The problem is that Flash CS3 doesn't actually run. It doesn't start up, there is no splash screen, nothing. The cursor shows the loading animation for about 2 seconds then that's it. Nothing.

      I checked the task manager and it shows that Flash.exe is running but there is no actual program open. Also, the file types are associated and everything like that, the program is shown in the programs list.

      Here's what I've tried which hasn't given me any luck:

      - Uninstalling and then reinstalling as Administrator
      - Running Flash CS3 as Administrator
      - Using compatibility mode before running (Disabled everything, tried on every OS mode available)
      - Opening a .FLP file

      If someone could shed some light on the issue it would be greatly appreiciated.