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    Group Layer has Warp Independently Greyed Out


      I have a limb that I want to Warp Independently, but the check mark is greyed out for it. In Illustrator I took the paths apart and regrouped the layer but it still doesn't show up a group. Is there some other way to make an independent group so I can staple the limb onto the body?

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          Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

          Does the group (that contains the paths) have a name other than "<Group>"? If so, it might mean that all the paths within it are unnamed as well. Character tries to simplify the structure that'll appear in the Puppet panel if the artwork has a bunch of unnamed paths and groups. You can force it to be a group by adding a "+" in front of the group name, as in "+Limb".


          Although you can group layers in the Puppet panel (via the Puppet > Group Layers menu command), if you later change the structure in the artwork file any structural changes you did in the Puppet panel might get lost. That's why we recommend any structural changes be done in the artwork file.