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    Lightroom Upload Button Grey


      Recently, when I attempt to upload a file to Lightroom the upload button is disabled or grayed out.


      At first, there isn't a problem uploading the pictures.

      I go to the Library tab> press import> select the pictures I like> click Upload> then move to the Develop tab.

      Once I click on the first picture available a popup appears with the error: 

      "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom has stopped working.

      A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.

      Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

      Close program" 


      The program closes.  I reopen it, and the folder I previously uploaded is no longer available in the Develop Tab.  I go back to the Library to import the photos again, but the Upload button is then grayed out.


      I was able to restart Lightroom once and get around the error, however, I literally just did the aforementioned steps, five times, back-to-back--  and it worked.  Now, it seems to not want to work at all.  Neither on old folders, nor new ones.


      Things I have attempted:

      • Uninstalling/reinstalling
      • Closing from task manager/ opening from task manager
      • Updating Lightroom
      • moving picture files to different external hard drive
      • Restarting computer
      • Closing all other programs while trying to run Lightroom
      • Opening program from desktop shortcut
      • Opening program from Adobe Suite
      • Opening program from Start menu
      • Cursing at the program
      • Pleading with the program


      My CPU is working at 2%

      My Memory is at 40%


      Lightroom Error 1.JPG


      This problem only started happening over the last two weeks, but it is enough to make me go bonkers. There has to be an easy fix that I am overlooking. Please, help, SOS!