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    Photoshop is hidden and won't reveal itself


      Intermittent problem: Adobe Photoshop window will just refuse to display.

      Running: macOS Sierra 10.12.4, and Photoshop CC (2017), both up to date.

      iMac intel core i7, 32 GB of ram.


      Photoshop is running, but won't show itself.


      I have a document open and unsaved, but cannot see any part of Photoshop except for the menu bar. If I hit Command-Q, I'll get an unsaved document dialogue, but still cannot see Photoshop.


      None of the menu commands seem to help: I have tried a few in Window > Arrange > Consolidate to Tabs, and others, to no effect.


      I hide all other apps and check all spaces and the Photoshop interface is nowhere to be found.


      When I right-click the Photoshop app icon in the dock and choose "Show All Windows" I just see the desktop with a "No Available Windows" message.


      Photoshop where the hell are you? I have work to do!