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    Spot Removal Tool and Wacom Pen

    jacksonphotoworks Level 1

      All, recently I have run into an issue with the spot removal tool in Camera Raw and my Wacom tablet. I have an Intuos Pro Small (PTH-451). I am using the latest updates to Photoshop. Running Windows 10 Pro with updates.


      When using the spot removal tool in Camera Raw I used to be able to grab the "source" circle and re position it if I didn't like the the source location the tool chose. I never had any problem in the past using the pen to click and drag that source spot around.


      Over the past couple of weeks instead of moving the spot, it tries to increase/decrease the size of it OR it starts making a new spot removal point. If I use the mouse this does not happen. I can sometimes get it to work as intended with the pen, but it is literally hit or miss. Could this be a side effect of the new pressure sensitive features added to Camera Raw. I believe the adjustment brush now support pressure so could this be a part of the reason?