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    Inability to add password protection on iPhone and iPad


      There is no way to add or remove password protection to and from PDF's using Adobe's own app. It's a major headache and people have to use third party apps. I often add the encryption to sensitive documents I've scanned using another app, but now there's no way to remove it if I wanted to, because I delete them from the other app once I've uploaded it to Adobe. And other documents I've scanned and uploaded I want to add encryption to later, I cannot do that either. I'm very anxious trying to decide if I should or shouldn't add it since I only have one chance for the rest of my life. I have no computer as many people don't these days. Could you please add the ability make a password and turn encryption on/off for each PDF in your app? Sometimes I might want it on and other times I don't -- when sending it to certain sources, etc.