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    THE first baby steps ...


      Hello everyone


      I'm trying to build my very first puppet. I imported the artwork (piece by piece) to the library on AI, followed a tutorial and I can't make it work.

      On CH the tags get mixed together (I tag the right eye and then the nose and the nose tag stays with the eye) ... like every other tag in the whole puppet.

      I think I'm missing something REALLY silly cause everything looks right to me LOL

      So what could it be the problem? The artwork that I imported? The way I saved in AI?

      I'm so lost ....




      Thank you!!!



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          katias80886541 Level 1

          Alright ...


          got the puppet to kinda move (inserted into a new scene and YEP I didnt even know that). Now lets battle the tags (I blink and the head blinks).


          (Still need guidance)



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            El Wombat Level 2

            Hello Katias,


            welcome to this forum und to the very fun world of CH!


            Don't worry, you'll be fine. It can get a bit confusing in the beginning, though. Admittedly, your description of what's going on, is, too, to me at least, so I'm afraid I can't tell from afar what to do exactly to fix your puppet.


            I would highly recommend to do this:


            1. ) Take an example puppet from the templates Adobe or Okaysamurai provides.


            2. ) Swap all the artwork with your own mimicking the structure of the template.


            3. ) Do NOT change any layer names.


            You should then have a working puppet, because by correct naming of layers the tagging occurs automatically and according to the basic needs of the puppet.


            Later when you are more fluent with the software you might not need this, but it's really helpful to use templates as a basis. I almost always go for a puppet template that best fits my future creation as a starting point because it helps to avoid mistakes and it's also quite a bit of work that I don't have to do: Creating and naming all those layers.


            Have fun!

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              oksamurai Employee Moderator

              If the blinks make the head disappear that's probably an organization issue. If the blinks aren't in an eye folder, they'll make everything else in their group disappear - even head artwork.


              These videos should help:

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                katias80886541 Level 1

                Hey El Wombat (one of my fave animals )



                Thank you for your reply and please forgive me for the late reply.
                I manage to make my puppet talk (couldnt copy the mouths from Wilk so I did mouth by mouth phew), blink and her pupils are even inside the eyeball haha
                I watched that tutorial with the green monster so many times even dreamt of it lolNow I cant make the body not to move with the head (added the thumbtack and nothing).


                Thanks again

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                  katias80886541 Level 1

                  Thank you SO MUCH for your reply Oksamurai san


                  I made the blinking work and the pupils YAY
                  My puppet is structured like Chloe and it has been 2 days already that Ive battling the "moving body".


                  Im going to watch Wilk AGAIN lol

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                    katias80886541 Level 1

                    OK guys


                    It works woohoo

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                      El Wombat Level 2

                      Cool, good to hear! :-)


                      Yes, wombats are terrific creatures. You know what? You just inspired this thought: I will eventually make a wombat puppet. Thank you!




                      Maybe worth mentioning about TAGS: In the puppet panel - RIG - on the right hand side you have all sorts of settings, among them: the TAG section. It's interesting to swap between visual and textual in that tag section. You have a complete overview of all the tags if you change to text, and it can sometimes help to find stray tags and eradicate them. These can sometimes lead to trouble and you don't even know where this trouble comes from because you haven't deliberately "done" anything. This comes because CH has a very handy feature of auto tagging. Incredibly helpful once you know what it does and how. But those tags also get created involuntarily sometimes. Like this for example: Many people use "L leg" and "R leg" as layer names for the left and right leg, respectively. This automatically creates an "R"- and an "L"-tag for those layers so that CH thinks those legs are mouth visemes.


                      In this case, this is not a problem, but you get the idea and it's good to keep it in mind.



                      Another last hint: If something is wrong and you don't know what it is, then go to the rig panel and select all of the groups or layers one by one in the troubled area (and beyond that if need be). You will then see squares around each of those selections and if those squares are too big this means that there are stray pixels going on or maybe a pupil that sits in the wrong layer, etc.


                      This works the same way in Photoshop with selecting the layer or group and then pressing CMD/STRG+T for transform.




                      Hope this helps!



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                        katias80886541 Level 1

                        And you already have his name it will be AWESOME!!!


                        Thanks for all the tips

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                          El Wombat Level 2


                          Enjoy CH!