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    Ridiculously slow


      what is going on?

      I have one of the fastest computers imaginable

      Only thing that doesnt fly on my computer is acrobat

      I am furious

      Adobe has gone down the tubes

      I try to get support....ah.....doesn't exist anymore

      Can't even find a proper forum place for these questions

      I pay monthly for this product, how the hell can you not have a phone number for support or at least a chat

      so angry i cannot even express....

      Adobe is literally killing my work productivity to the point that my employers are now frustrated with me

      I have to open and edit hundreds of pdf's a day....with a lag of 30 seconds per file, i am not performing my job tasks



      Any file i click takes upawards 30-40 seconds to open

      and before i get a million questions

      1- no , the files are not huge (500kb)

      2- yes my acrobat is already open

      3- no my computer is not experiencing these problems with ANY other software or file


      I need solutions.......NOW!