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    Making html-based manuals




      I am currently researching viable options for my workplace, which produces manuals for electonics, in order to encourage paperless production of said manuals.

      One of the many options raised was HTML-based manuals.

      With that in mind, we have done a little research and found that, depending on the product, Java may or may not be allowed, due to browser restrictions, etc.


      As such, we are looking at viable options and DW has been suggested by one of our staff who has moderate knowledge of HTML.

      My question is, how flexible is the DW suite with regards to creating something like a HTML-based manual, where the Java script may/may not be compatible or where a index.html file may not be required due to internal software automatically creating a Table of Contents, based on the exisiting html files?


      Further, if anyone has some better suggestion regarding software to use for HTML-based manual creation, it would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!