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    App Adobe Acrobat per iOS non funziona correttamente


      ho acquistato una prima volta l'abbonamento di un mese (PDF Pack) per trasformare i file in PDF sul mio iPhone 6plus e la app ha funzionato correttamente facendomi fare le conversioni, a quel punto avevo acquistato lo stesso abbonamento per un anno ( che lo store di iTunes mi ha rimborsato perché non ne potevo usufruire ) la app appena volevo fare la conversione mi demanda esclusivamente ad acquistare abbonamento PDF pack non facendomi fare nulla ne conversione ne acquisto dell'abbinamento è possibile intervenire in qualche modo o no?

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          Akki_24 Adobe Employee

          Hi, Giuseppec22178422,


          As you have shared about your subscription, I have checked your Adobe account and found that yes you do have two subscription registered under it.

          The one that you you have purchased through the Apple iTune store has not been terminated properly. The contract was canceled but the service has not been terminated completely.

          Yes, it must be causing problem in the activation of Adobe Acrobat DC subscription.

          So you need to contact to iTune support to get this fixed form their end.


          • In a mean while you may try to "Sign Out" from the Adobe Acrobat Reader application completely.
          • Reboot your device.
          • And Sign In again (using the same email address)


          Let us know if you still don't get any resolution.




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