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    Simple Text Animation (full beginner)


      Hello everybody,


      I hope I won't bother you with this simple issue as I'm a beginner.

      I have a very long text to animate (simple animation, text coming in and disappearing, that's all). So I put the text out of the screen zone before the animation, then inside it then out again when it has to go away when I want it to. The problem is.... How do I make it stay EXACTLY where it is (when on the screen)then leave when it has to leave? Cause when I set the position outside of the screen ... it starts moving out directly after it's been on its position on the screen...


      For some reason it moves a bit around but never stays right in position before its time for it to leave the screen.



      I hope I'm being clear here so anyone can help me.


      Thank you sooooooo much!!!