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    How can I batch PDF the first spread in multi-spread documents?

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      I work for a catalog where each spread in the catalog is separated into individual indesign docs. Hence pages 2-3 is one document, 4-5 is another, 6-7 another, etc.

      Until a spread is finalized, there may be instances where spread 4-5 let’s say contains multiple layout ideas within that same document, so that when you look into that 4-5 indesign document, within the document it could feasibly go from page 4 through to page 9 because there are THREE layout ideas being considered until ONE FINAL layout is decided upon for pages 4-5 specifically.


      In the interim, there are times when we need to print the whole catalog, i.e. ALL of the separate indesign documents (some containing many layout ideas within one document remember), and as a rule, the chosen layout at the moment is placed at the top of the indesign document, hence a layout that has been worked on and has 5 different layouts for instance, hence pages 4 through 13, the art director will select say pages 10-11 as their top choice at the moment, and will MOVE that spread to the TOP of the document, hence 10-11 becomes 4-5, within that document that will become pages 4-5 in the final catalog. Got it.



      Now let’s say you have a lot of documents like that, where ONLY the top spread (i.e. first two pages) of the document need to be PDF’d, how does one go about doing that with a batch PDF process? Currently we have a batch PDF script, but it ends up printing all the spreads in a multi-spread document, when we only need the first spread (i.e. first two pages) output-ed.



      *At the office we’re using Indesign CC 2015.


      **At home I can test on Indesign CC 2017.


      ***Both on iMacs from 2011 and up.




      Thanks to anyone who can provide any assistance. Cheers.