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    Re: Robbed By Adobe Stock Free Trial Scam



      I had a similar problem. The chat was almost the same. My contract was renewed after a year. I was not warned nor even informed that the first subscription is about to end and I needed it during my Uni only. As soon as I finished my uni I cancelled the subscription - sadly a few days too late. I spoke to a person using their chat and I explained that I have not work at the moment and simply cannot afford it. She was very persuasive and rude and she offered me 3 months free of charge if I keep the software. So my option was either that or pay the cancellation fee.
      A few weeks later they tried to charge me... Then they called me that I have not paid. They also said that there is no evidence of my chat and 3 months free of charge offer.
      I would keep the software once I got a job but now this company put me off so much that I will not and actually tell everyone of their practice. I hate them.