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    Play doesn't work in Timeline- Premiere Elements 15


      I just installed Premiere Elements 15 and the play button in the timeline doesn't work.  It plays the video for about 1-5 milliseconds and stops.  I can hear choppy audio when it plays.  I can drag the cursor across the timeline and the frames do show and the audio also plays (v choppy due to manual movement).  The media is mp4.

      The same thing happens if I just have pictures in the timeline (without sound).


      I'm on Windows 7 with a Intel i7 2.7 GHz, 32 GB Ram, 64 bit. 

      Video card NVIDIA Quadro M3000M, and NVIDIA High Def audio card; they are both updated drivers. Symantec is the antivirus running.


      I also have AVS video editor program loaded on this PC and it works fine when i run the same videos on it.  I don't have AVS and Premiere running at the same time.