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    Editing book in Lightroom


      I saved a book in Lightroom and would like to make some changes. Is there anyway to edit a book that has already been saved?


      A second question about the Book module: I saved some custom pages when I created my first book, but they were not available with my second book. Why?


      Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.




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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          After you have created a "Saved Book", you will see the Book in the Collection Panel (with an icon that looks like a book.!)


          Any time you re-open Lightroom and want to return to editing the book, you simply Double-click on the "Saved Book" Collection, or click on the white arrow that appears at the end of the Book Collection name when you hover the mouse cursor over the name.


          If you have created a Standard collection of photos to start your book- do NOT click this collection again, as it will open again as a 'NEW' book. You should delete this standard collection after you have created a Saved Book Collection.


          Custom Book Pages are specific to the the book Page size (8x10in  12x12in, etc)  If you create the custom page in an 8x10in book then it will not be available in a 12x12in book. This would need a new custom page template created.


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