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    Colour Multiple Layers at the Same Time


      Hey everyone I've been scouring any forum or youtube video for an answer and I finally just decided to ask the forum directly. I made a video in premiere that had 3 different camera angles all being cut randomly into each other. For contexts sake it's a podcast format, one camera on one person, one on another, and one on both. I transferred it over to after effects to add some things. Since the colour correcting i did on premiere didn't carry over I now have to redo it on after effects. the problem is that I probably have over one hundred layers and it would take me forever to copy/paste the right colour correcting adjustments I've made to each clip. I am hoping there is a way to just colour correct the 3 source videos (one from each camera angle) that i used to make the layers from. Or at the very least a way to auto-select all of the layers that have the same name so I can just paste my adjustments to all of the layers from once specific camera at once. I don't want to have to go down the list and ctrl+click all of the layers by hand. If you guys could help me out with this you would be saving me tons of time and a large headache.