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    Problem aligning camera movement between AE and C4D




      I tried exporting a camera from AE to C4D and imported the file with my 3D object back into after effects. I made sure the comp size and frame rate match.

      Somehow, the 3d object I put in the comp is "traveling" horizontally and does not stick to a point on the ground.


      When this didn't work, I tried tracking the entire comp with the 3d tracker and then added the 3d object back into the scene and the problem remained. What am I doing wrong?


      The landscape was made using GeoLayers and MIR - perhaps this is a part of the issue? although when I tracked it in a precomp with a 3d tracker my logic tells me After Effects should analyze it the same way it analyzes any video file.


      Here is a video of the problem:


      3D Landscape RENDER - Vidme