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    how do I install AE & PP 2017 without removing prior versions?


      How can I install AE 2017 without removing prior versions?  After searching online forum and calls to tech support, there does not seem to be a way to update to AE 2017 and for that matter Premier Pro 2017 without removing prior versions. 


      Hey Adobe, not all plugins for AE and PP work with your latest releases.  And yes there are features in older versions not included in your latest versions that we would still like to use.  Do you know how time consuming it is for your customers to have to backup and re-install plugins and then re-install older versions of AE & PP and whatever else?


      After using your software for 20+ years, you have finally succeeded in making it more difficult for your customers to update software.  And thanks for chewing up more of our time which means money.


      The least you can do is offer a simple URL where people can download and install a version that does not remove prior versions.