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    PS CS5 won't uninstall extension.

    camper al

      Recently, our "Kubota DASHBOARD 4" went blank.  In following the directions from the company, Kubota, I need to uninstall their extension, using Adobe Extension Manager CS5, then reinstall it. 

      At first Adobe Extension Manager wouldn't even open.  However, after having to uninstall AEM and then reinstall AEM, I finally found and "removed" the extension from Kubota ....but only from AEM, not Photoshop.  It is still there.  Yes, I restarted my imac (several times).  I have even uninstalled and reinstalled Photoshop, same.  Now Kubota DASHBOARD is no longer in AEM, so I can't uninstall it anymore, but its still in Photoshop ...so I can't reinstall the extension.


      What should I do?


      PS, This is our career, prompt help would be awesome!