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    Lightroom CC not importing my RAW files


      Today I was having trouble importing files in Lightroom 4 so I thought it might be time to change over to LR CC. I am still having the same problem. LR CC is all up and running but when I try to import from my camera via USB cord I can see all the images there but when I press IMPORT I get this message:

      "The following files were not imported because they cannot be read or the destination folder is not writable."

      I have been importing RAW files from this camera to LR successfully for years.



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          dj_paige Level 10

          What has happened is either:

          1. The Destination folder (which is specified on the right hand side of the Lightroom Import dialog box) has been accidentally changed, in which case you should change it back to whatever it was before; OR
          2. The Destination folder no longer has WRITE permission and you need to go into your operating system and change the permissions on this folder


          Regardless, the problem is the same in LR 4 and LR CC, and the fix is the same in both.

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