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    Body turn, remembering draggable parts hold in place position

    ILJI Level 2

      Working with multiple body positions, all with their corresponding arms, atm having dragged them with "hold in place after move", they will jump to the rest position or the previously set position in the different body turn position. It would be great, if the handles behave like their corresponding counterparts of the other views. As they can already be tagged as e.g. left and right wrist and CH has the position data, it shouldn't be that difficult to pass the data from one to the other.
      I am afraid, I can move this to the wish list..?

      Or did I miss some trick somewhere?

      ...the arms can't be just one set, in a special layer, separated from the various body views as they have to switch from front to the back and vice versa of course…


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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Yeah, for arm consistency across body turns your best bet now is to:


          a) have the default position be something that looks good for turns

          b) use key-triggered arm positions instead of draggables 

          c) for recorded pieces, record the arm in the correct position with multiple dragger takes


          I believe in the "Start Here" project Dr. Funkenstein has several body turns, and they used key triggered hands to keep her arms consistently placed.


          If you applied a separate dragger behavior to every single arm, then one drag would move all of them all at once - but I don't think it's going to have the perfect sync you're aiming for.

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            ILJI Level 2

            Thanks for the detailed response!
            Good suggestions.

            Yep, I already looked at Dr. Funkenstein. The visible turns I saw, always had the character's arms coming to the rest pose first before the turn - or some edit. For now, I changed my body turns from camera triggered back to key triggered, what will give me more control over the actions and arm movements without jumping to a not matching turn position. Even though it will be a recorded piece with options to edit, I am aiming to do as much as possible in the least possible recordings - evaluating a fast production pipeline. 

            I have to check again regarding the mentioned separate draggers though, but on the other hand I rather not have too many behaviors.

            So, I will use a, b, c. Will try holding the draggers and let them return to their default before the body turn - or use your technique to record a first path with the default pose and add the actions with transitions on top. I will use triggered positions mainly when holding props and then do some timeline editing.


            Thanks again and curious about improvements in the next updates.